How is Dental Implant Surgery Carried Out?

A dental implant can be described as a small rod, generally made of titanium which is placed on the jaw bone in order to hold and support a false tooth. This implant combines with the jaw bone over several months leaving a small attachment projecting out through the gum. This attachment helps bridges or dentures to be clipped on to it. If you are looking to have braces El Segundo , click here.

The complete dental implant process is a collaborative effort between a surgical dentist and a restorative dentist. The surgical dentist is responsible for placing the implant and the restorative dentist handles the final replacement of the teeth. Find out more about El Segundo Dental Restoration at this website.

Preparing for the Surgery
Considering the complications involved in the surgery and the anesthesia that requires to be administered, most dental surgeries take place at the Dental Office. All instructions that are given prior to the surgery need to be followed with utmost care.

During Surgery
The Surgical dentist will provide medication which will help you feel relaxed or sleepy. Then anesthesia is administered to desensitize the place where the implant is to be placed. The complete end to end process will take about two to three hours.

While performing the first surgery, the surgical dentist carefully prepares the jawbone to receive the implant. An incision or an opening is created which exposes the bone over the site of the implant. Then using a special drill, water is passed through the center which helps in preparing the bone site. Now the metal implant is twisted and adjusted into the right place. Finally using several stitches the gums are closed and the incision is covered for months in order to allow healing.

Once the first surgery is completed, the dental assistant suggests oral hygiene instructions, prescriptions for pain killers and antibiotics and also details of follow up process to keep a close check on the healing process.

During the months of healing, the metal implant connects with the jawbone structurally and functionally. This process is called "Osseointegration". Unnecessary pressure on the jaw bone should be avoided by having soft foods and the complete mouth including the other teeth and gums should be kept clean.

Second Surgery
Once the Osseointegration process is complete and the surgical dentist is convinced that the implants are firmly held, an extension or abutment (small titanium connector) is attached. The second surgery will be completed in about half an hour after which the assistant suggests oral hygiene instructions and additionally suggests that the attachments should be cleaned gently using a soft toothbrush.